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Cinggou Night Market清溝夜市


Cinggou Night Market is located on Cinggou Road, Dongshan Township. The entire Night Market spans from Yongxing Road to Yongqing Road, with an overall length of 1 km.

Cinggou Night Market清溝夜市
The Cinggou Night Market features countless street vendors on both sides of the road, offering a diversity of local dishes and cuisine, as well as stands for entertainment, making it often hard to decide where to start. Unlike the Luodong Night Market, Cinggou Night Market is less crowded, and vendors are mostly mobile stalls instead of fixed pitches. Therefore, there are often street vendors from other cities and counties, adding changes to the Night Market and a pleasure for treasure hunters.

Cinggou Night Market is not far from the Luodong Night Market, giving visitors to Luodong yet another choice. However, please note that Cinggou Night Market only opens at 6:00 P.M. on Wednesday; and is closed on rainy days. Therefore, before heading towards the Cinggou Night Market, you are advised to check on the Internet first.

Cinggou Night Market清溝夜市
If you have already visited the Luodong Night Market many times and would like something different, come to the Cinggou Night Market and feel the charm of a mobile night market!


Qinggou Rd.,, Dongshan Township, Yilan County Taiwán, R.O.C
Opening Hours
Wednesday 18:00


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