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Sanqing Taoist Temple道教總廟三清宮


Sanqing Temple, the headquarters of the Taoist temples in Taiwan, stands on a mountainside within the Meihua Lake Scenic Area. It’s a magnificent structure built in classical Chinese architectural style. The ever-burning incense and Meihua Lake’s gorgeous scenery attract many tourists and believers. A fifteen-minute walk on Huanhu Road will bring you to the Temple.

Sanqing Taoist Temple道教總廟三清宮
Sanqing Temple’s architecture is based on northern Chinese palace designs revolving around paintings. The main deity worshipped here is Sanqing Daozu. In accordance with his wishes no paper money is burned and offerings mainly consist of incense, flowers, and fruit, a very eco-friendly approach. 

Every Chinese New Year, Sanqing Temple performs a blessings ritual. From the first to ninth day of the lunar year’s first month, temple staff members provide porridge for visitors and worshippers, symbolizing wishes for peace. 

Sanqing Taoist Temple道教總廟三清宮
In addition to being a place for religious ceremonies, since Sanqing Temple is backed by mountains, its large plaza has become a popular destination day or night for viewing the Langyang Plain and Meihua Lake, and many locals even jog through the beautiful grounds. When night comes, it is also a good place to enjoy Yilan’s night view. 


No.123, Sanqing Rd.,, Dongshan Township, Yilan County Taiwán, R.O.C
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Official website
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