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Erjie Wanggong Temple二結王公廟


Erjie Wanggong Temple, previously known as Zhenan Temple, has more than 200 years of history. The building was once even physically moved from its original location with the help of thousands of people, demonstrating how highly local residents valued it. A new temple was built, and the old one became the Erjie Life Cultural Museum. Inside the museum are old tools used in religious ceremonies, exquisitely carved pillars, descriptions of temple history, and important cultural assets of Yilan.

Erjie Wanggong Temple二結王公廟
Erjie Wanggong Temple is mainly for the worship of the “Three Ancient Kings”, who were warriors that fought against the Mongols during the Southern Song dynasty. Their story was brought to Taiwan by migration during the Qing dynasty, and they were enshrined in Erjie Village, Yilan County. Every year on the fifteenth day of the eleventh lunar month, a grand ceremony is held in remembrance of the birthday of the Master King. 

The fire walking ritual during this celebration is the nation’s largest. Believers with bare feet carry the temple idols over a hill of charcoal sprinkled with salt and grain, driving bad luck away and inviting good fortune. 

Erjie Wanggong Temple二結王公廟
Other than fire walking, searching for the Jitong spirit and thanking the gods for blessings are among the many rituals performed. These incorporate local culture and religious cleansing, and are promoted to visitors as part of a cultural festival that includes other folk customs as well, such as parade formation, Chinese opera, etc.


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