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Zhaoying Temple昭應宮


Zhaoying Temple is Yilan’s only site qualified as tier 3 on Taiwan’s national list of historical locations. It was built during the Jiaqing era in the Qing dynasty, and served as the center point of Gemalan Subprefecture. Throughout Zhaoying Temple’s 200 years of history, it has always been a hub for religious activities and other gatherings, as well as the only Mazu temple in Taiwan facing mountains.      
Zhaoying Temple昭應宮
Zhaoying Temple is mainly dedicated to Mazu. When it was first built, the Temple faced the ocean so that it could protect those on the sea. The story is that later on a feng shui master determined that if the Temple faced west, local academic good fortune would increase. So Zhaoying Temple was converted into a three-hall layout during the Daoguang era in the Qing dynasty, and sure enough several scholars were able to pass the imperial exam.  

Although Zhaoying Temple has undergone many repairs over the years, its layout and wooden and stone sculptures remain preserved. Impressive dragon pillars, stone lions, and plaques from the Daoguang era cement the Temple as a highly revered sanctuary.

Zhaoying Temple昭應宮
Other than Mazu, Zhaoying Temple enshrines three heroes, also known as the Sanlaoda, who helped develop Yilan during the Qing dynasty: Yang-Ting Li, Zhai Gan, and Chen Zhen. History buffs and those interested in temple culture should definitely take a walk around Zhaoying Temple to absorb the peace and knowledge. 


No.106, Sec. 3, Zhongshan Rd.,, Yilan City, Yilan County Taiwán, R.O.C
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  • kimitakas

    Taichung, Taiwan

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    Solo travel

    Green statue

    3 2019-06

    It is a temple, dedicated to Mazu. A green statue of god, or that of a guard, on the right hand side of the entrance is remarkable.
  • taro2015


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    4 2019-02

  • yihsinL14

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    Zhaoying Palace

    4 2018-07

    清明時代の嘉興時代に建てられた宜蘭の三つの歴史的遺跡を訪れ、主要な「明英宮」。 清朝の広西チワン族自治の祖国であるヤン・ティンリ(Yang Tingli)は、台湾の知事を務めた。 台南の人々「渇き」不慣れであってはならないが、それは内接4名のいずれかを持つ都市であるプラーク[]秦明パトロール福建省、台湾、澎湖の地方裁判官のタイトルは、兵士たちは、学校のガバナンス渇きを準備し、アドミラルズ---」本当の男は、ムーキングブックを吸っ"" 台南市永福路にある "豫園廟"の門にまだぶら下がっている巨大な夫。 宜蘭市[趙]べき宮殿(つまり、寺院)「渇き」は宜蘭の礼拝に苦しむ人々は、木材などがあります。 台南市の「トータルパレス」には、まだ香を持つ「ヤンティンリ」の長寿があります。 宜蘭[肇慶宮]は、清朝の嘉興時代に「楊清陵」によって建てられた天安宮である。 天安門時代には、台湾で「林秀元事件」が発生した。天界協会のリーダーである林秀元(Lin Shuangwen)は、彰化を攻撃し、台湾の支配者を殺害した。だけでなく、鹿港のすぐ外、台南の「渇き」に住んでいると、すぐに台南、諸羅に加えて、力で街を守るために人々に呼びかけ、台湾はほぼ完全に「林双-WEN」秋です。 乾隆皇帝は海側の上に「陝西省と甘粛省知事--- Fukang'an偉大な一般的な」レートの軍隊を送っまで、「渇き」は、寿孤立都市を強制するために人々を動員するために反乱鎮圧しました
  • nanmandabu

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    4 2018-02

  • livesportsman

    佐倉市, 千葉県

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    4 2017-11


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