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Wang Long Pi望龍埤


Wang Long Pi, also called Ruan Pi, sits behind Hushan Elementary School in Zhenshan Village, Yuanshan Township, Yilan County. Centuries ago, flash floods created the lake at the foothills by the Da Jiaoxi River. Because it was located in the mountains, Wang Long Pi became a part of the local residents’ lives. The elders picked its name from an ancient poem, hoping that it would always be filled by the rain. 

Wang Long Pi望龍埤
Gorgeous scenery surrounds Wang Long Pi, which is flanked by mountains on three sides. A bridge of nine turns and an arched bridge, built in the Chinese style, connect two sides of the Lake together. The beauty of the landscape makes Wang Long Pi a relaxing vacation destination in Yuanshan Township.

The beautiful Lake and mountains were chosen as a filming location for the popular TV drama Autumn’s Concerto. The lakeside café was even renamed as Huatien Village, the fictional village in the show, attracting more tourists to come to admire the view. 

Wang Long Pi望龍埤
Take a scenic walk around the Lake and bask in nature, or follow the Feilong trail to the viewing platforms (about 1 km in distance) and see the ever-changing reflections across the water’s surface, to enjoy the Lake from a different perspective.


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