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Plum Blossom Lake (Meihua Lake)梅花湖


Located in central Dongshan Township, Meihua Lake is near Luodong Railway Station and easy to access by transportation. There are famous tourist spots such as Jhongshan Tea Garden, Jhongshan Waterfall, Ren Shan Botanical Garden and Sanchin Temple, the headquarters of Taoism in Taiwan nearby.

Plum Blossom Lake (Meihua Lake)梅花湖
Meihua Lake is a natural reservoir and faces the mountains on three sides. It used to be called Dapi Lake and Jinghu (mirror lake) in the past. Due to the resemblance of the shape of the Lake to the Japanese apricot with five petals, it was renamed Meihua (like the pronunciation in Chinese of the Japanese apricot) Lake. Meihua Lake not only has a rich lake ecology, but also provides farmland irrigation and water resource cultivation as a beautiful natural reservoir.   
Meihua Lake covers a wide area of land. In the scenic area, there is a path going around the Lake with a total length of about 4 km, which is suitable for tourists to bike along and enjoy the gorgeous lake scenery. Looking at the radiant and enchanting scenery in the lake water and listening to the birds chirping enable people forget their troubles and enjoy travelling around in nature.

Plum Blossom Lake (Meihua Lake)梅花湖
As there are diversified ecosystems in Meihua Lake, many plants and animals take this area as their habitat. You may find Formosan rock monkey, black-crowned night heron, and squirrel somewhere out there. Also, many food shops and bicycle rental stations are open around Meihua Lake, making it a popular place for parents and children.
Plum Blossom Lake (Meihua Lake)梅花湖


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