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Renshan Botanical Garden仁山植物園


Renshan Botanical Garden was formerly Zhongshan Plant Nursery; it used to grow saplings for landscaping until its conversion into a garden. Inside are beautiful landscapes planned in Japanese, French, and Chinese styles. It’s not far from downtown Yilan, and is a great destination for hiking. 

Renshan Botanical Garden仁山植物園
Cars cannot be parked in the botanical garden, so visitors must walk up. On the way you can hear insects chirping or even the call of the Taiwan barbet, and watch Formosan rock macaques clambering around in the surrounding forest. People can relax their minds, wander in the woods, and absorb the phytoncide in nature.

Continuing upwards, you’ll come across an old camphor laurel canopy and a charcoal kiln which was used in the early days to make camphor essential oil. This was an important industry, and once one of Taiwan’s three main exports. At the trail’s highest point is the best view available of the vast Langyang Plain, with even Guishan Island visible in the distance. This gorgeous scene will instantly melt fatigue away as you head onwards in the Garden.

Renshan Botanical Garden仁山植物園
Renshan Botanical Garden is close to Xinliao Waterfall, and has little farm villages along the way, a visitor center, a variety of gardens, and abundant living organisms. Visitors can go on a healthy hike, browse through agricultural products, buy small potted plants for home, and spend a productive day.


No.500, Xinliao Rd.,, Dongshan Township, Yilan County Taiwán, R.O.C
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