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Wai’ao Beach外澳海灘

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Wai’ao Beach, also known as Gangao Beach, is located to the north outside of formerly bustling Wushi Harbor, hence the name Wai (meaning “outside”) ao. On the large, clean beach, one can play among the constant waves and catch a glimpse of Guishan Island in the distance. It’s a great spot for surfers and the whole family.

Wai’ao Beach外澳海灘
Other than playing in the water and sand, a range of thrilling, extreme sports such as paragliding and surfing are available. Or take a stroll along the embankment, listening to the crashing of waves, admiring the elegant surfers, observing the paragliders floating above, and savoring the slow pace.

Wai’ao Beach外澳海灘
If you’re tired from walking, head over to the odd-looking, bright yellow Wai’ao Visitor Center. There, experience a unique pedicure by immersing your feet in a pool of tiny fish that will eat your dead skin away, or order a cup of coffee and sit back to enjoy the beautiful sea view. 


No.6, Sec. 2, Binhai Rd.,, Toucheng Township, Yilan County Taiwán, R.O.C
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