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Mingchi Forest Recreation Area明池森林遊樂區


The Mingchi Forest Recreation Area is at an altitude between 1150 and 1700 meters. It has rich and primitive ecology resources. Mandarin ducks and mallards are local residents. With birds and squirrels flitting in the woods and towering forests surrounding all around, one cannot resist but bask in the phytoncide in the forest air.  

Mingchi Forest Recreation Area明池森林遊樂區
Embraced by the forest, Mingchi, also called “Chiduan”, is an artificial highland lake with dense forest all around, and usually covered in cloud and mist. The beauty of the jade-colored Mingchi has won itself the pretty name of the “Pearl of the North Cross-Island Highway”, like a paradise on earth.

The garden by the pond side in the Park is a scenic spot not to be missed when visiting the Mingchi Forest Recreation Area. The landscape architecture is of classic Chinese style, with a small bridge over flowing water, pavilions and pools There are also the Ci Garden, Fern Garden, Stone Garden, Sun Yat-sen Memorial Garden, and forest trails. 

Mingchi Forest Recreation Area明池森林遊樂區
Walking along the lakeshore trail allows the visitors to enjoy the fantastic and tranquil beauty of Mingchi from different angles. Follow this by taking a walk along the sloping trail to overlook the mountains and field, watch flowers in full bloom, and experience the wonders of Mother Nature.


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