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Mingchi Forest Recreation Area明池森林遊樂區


The Mingchi Forest Recreation Area is at an altitude between 1150 and 1700 meters. It has rich and primitive ecology resources. Mandarin ducks and mallards are local residents. With birds and squirrels flitting in the woods and towering forests surrounding all around, one cannot resist but bask in the phytoncide in the forest air.  

Mingchi Forest Recreation Area明池森林遊樂區
Embraced by the forest, Mingchi, also called “Chiduan”, is an artificial highland lake with dense forest all around, and usually covered in cloud and mist. The beauty of the jade-colored Mingchi has won itself the pretty name of the “Pearl of the North Cross-Island Highway”, like a paradise on earth.

The garden by the pond side in the Park is a scenic spot not to be missed when visiting the Mingchi Forest Recreation Area. The landscape architecture is of classic Chinese style, with a small bridge over flowing water, pavilions and pools There are also the Ci Garden, Fern Garden, Stone Garden, Sun Yat-sen Memorial Garden, and forest trails. 

Mingchi Forest Recreation Area明池森林遊樂區
Walking along the lakeshore trail allows the visitors to enjoy the fantastic and tranquil beauty of Mingchi from different angles. Follow this by taking a walk along the sloping trail to overlook the mountains and field, watch flowers in full bloom, and experience the wonders of Mother Nature.


No.1, Mingchishanzhuang,, Datong Township, Yilan County Taiwán, R.O.C
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  • aphpixels

    Traveler type:


    Relaxing Getaway

    4 2018-10

    Relaxing getaway to recover and get back to nature. Nice forested area to go for a walk around and to soak in the ambience, but some people may find it dull and boring if they're not really into nature. The drive to get here alone is worth the adventure with many twisty, narrow and meandering mountain roads.

    Hong Kong, China

    Traveler type:


    Nice escape from the urban area

    3 2018-06

    Relatively remote from the urban area, you need to drive the narrow road of Taiwan Road 7 from taoyuan from east or Yilan from west. You need to walk at least one hour and hour for quick walk but you can spend one morning or afternoon. There is a resort nearby and you can escape from the city and take rest.
  • 245vhm

    Yilan, Taiwan

    Traveler type:


    A picturesque landscape

    5 2016-08

    It hides in the deep mountain. Tourists need to drive along many curves to arrive at this spot. It takes about thirty mins. It has a greenish lake with many small island floating on it. The most recommended view is the tree trunks standing in the lake without any support. I was really surprised. There are some easy hiking routes around the lake. I definitely recommend anyone to be here for a relaxing day.
  • Leore T

    Yilan, Taiwan

    Traveler type:


    A beautiful getaway!

    4 2015-10

    This is a beautiful area with captivating views. We scootered all the way there from Luodong, which was fun and beautiful but very long and surprisingly freezing. That said, mountain driving is a ton of fun, so just bring a sweater and go for it! The area itself isn't huge, but there are plenty of little stairway trails going up into the woods, each with its own great view of the surrounding mountains and lake. There was just a little damage left from the recent typhoon, mostly a little bit of flooding around the lake area and a downed tree or two, but otherwise in good condition. There's little food nearby (the only restaurant in the area was closed), so be aware that the closest food is at LEAST a 30 minute drive away. Overall, definitely a fun, scenic trip.
  • birdinatuxedotravel

    Hong Kong, China

    Traveler type:

    Friends getaway

    Spiritual Cultivation in a deep forest @Yilan Ming Chih

    4 2014-06

    The woods where Naoko stayed in “Norwegian Wood”, the wood filled with white snows. Movie wasn’t a good one, it made me forget what’s in the novel either. But the wood in my mind, to stay in the shadows of the giant trees, would be a nice thing to include in a trip. I picked Mingchih among all the forest recreation area in Taiwan. MingChih is Alpine lake, an altitude of about 1150 meters, surrounded with mountains, natural habitat had been protected and filled with green woods and little animals. Humid mountains always floated with clouds and smoke, temperature lower than ground. It’s a dreamy heaven. But there wasn’t any public transport to Mingchih, you can either choose to rent car/taxi or rent driver to take you there. The road to Mingchih was pretty tough, it was all detour and upslope. But when you were getting closer to Mingchih, it got more quieter. I was wondering, I was really actually going to a silent wood without people. Along the road to Mingchih Hotel were filled with lovely purple Hydrangea. Hydrangea bloom in Winter, that’s why it’s florid is Hope. Although it wasn’t during the season when I traveled, the big shaped of the flower shined with the green picture was such a lovely painting. Next to Mingchih Hotel was the 1500 years old Mingchih Sacred Tree. The top of the tree had probably been damaged by thunderstorm. If you looked at the tree from behind, you could find a big hole in the middle of the tree, probably pest. The tree existed in this world for over 1500 years already, passed through centuries. Only the nature could have such tolerance. And I genuinely hope that this sacred tree would live healthy forever. You may stay in the Mingchih hotel with little wooden villas in the wood or the Eurpoean Villa with Western style. Then you would have more time to walk around the area, walking slowly to enjoy the silent nature. Walking downhill you could go back to the MingChih area. Hotel user did not need to pay entrance fee which was included in the hotel fee. For non-hotel user, entrance fee was NT 100 for weekdays, NT 120 for weekends. Discount tickets were NT 100 for 65 years old or above, 6-12 children and local Yilan people. Behind the Japanese entrance, was the greenish color, clear like mirror MingChih Lake. There was islands of trees In the center of the lake , and sacred tree randomly being put in the lake. The lake was very clam and quiet, without any waves or movements, except bird’s sound and the wind. You were allowed to inhale the clear air deeply, like you won’t be able to find it back in the city. Ducklings were walking around, being happily fed. I fell into deep thinking again: is it heaven? with all the peace and nature environment, like what everyone once dreamed they can have. On the right side of MingChih lake was a pavilion which for certain time slot, a person would perform music with saxophone to attract the beautiful black swan couples. It reminded me the white swans couple swam to the lake in New Hampshire, which the autumn leaves color reflected on the surface of lake. The giant old timbers stood in the lake weere red cypress, to create an abstract picture of Chinese stationary look, in which the wall of mountains as the pen rack, lake as ink, while stood timbers were the pens, bringing a fortune scene and a calm environment. Going around the lake somehow made you feel like in a ritual, to have a dialogue with nature, got to feel the touch of stone under feet, breathed in the cool oxygen-filled air. It’s the feeling I missed out a long time staying in the city. Walking away the lake were all the other little spots of the forest. You can walked to the direction of MingChih Police Station and going uphill. The wood stair were built with shabby fences. The more uphill or inner you went into forest, the more humid it was, plus the rainy weather. Stairs were covered with slippery moss. Ci Xiaoting was named after Chiang Ching-kuo mother, now was a repaired pavilion. This pavilion was the highest elevation of this attractions that you can have an aerial view of the recreation. Suikinkutsu(Water Koto Cave) is a type of Japanese garden ornament and music device. An upside down buried pot with a hole at the top. Water drips through the hole onto a small pond of water to create the splashing clear sound. It usually built next to the tea house for washing hands. Inside the cave were covered with glass balls which were only shined with daylights goes in.The splashing sound created stopped the time and would only go on again until the next sound. I won’t deny for its dark or creepiness when daylight was not enough, but truly a “zen” feeling it brought out. Going a bit forward was the Fuchun Garden, with Japanese garden arrangement to create a harmony environment. Across the pavilion was another zen garden inspired by Kyoto Ryoan-ji. It featured with large rock formations arranged amidst a sweep of smooth pebbles to create wavy or circular pattern, japanese zen concept garden. Transport to MingChih was definitely a challenge for backpackers or alone travelers. But with hotel accommodation,traveler can request transport from Taipei with extra fee. Hotel also have 1-day tour to the Cilan Sacred Tree Area, the tour took 4.5hrs, discounted offered to hotel user. P.S. Cilan is not allowed for private visit, suggest to join the tour if interested. MingChih was not crowded with visitors because of transport issue. But it made the area like a piece of heaven. Visiting the Lake is a journey to calm the busy city mind. If you have the time, highly recommend to stay for a night and enjoy the secret paradise. For more secret travel tips, please follow our facebook/blog. 踢死兔小鳥 // Bird in a Tuxedo FB - fb.com/birdinatuxedotravel Blog - birdinatuxedotravel.wordpress.com/

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