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Shuanglianpi Wildlife Refuge雙連埤野生動物保護區


Shuanglianpi is situated at the basin in the mountain areas of Huxi Village, Yuanshan Township, Yilan County, close to the Fushan Botanical Garden. It is a natural barrier lake comprising one large and one small lake, known as the Upper Pond and Lower Pond by the locals. However, only the Upper Pond still retains its water source; the Lower Pond has now turned into a swamp. Over one third of the aquatic plant species in Taiwan can be found within the area of Shuanglianpi. The rich ecology of the area is an aquatic plant paradise.

Shuanglianpi Wildlife Refuge雙連埤野生動物保護區
Shuanglianpi is often veiled with a thick fog. Meeting the eyes is a vast area of grassland. A few rows of bamboo trees around the lake sway in wind, insects chat and birds chirp, accompanied by the intermittent croaks of frogs, and the reflections on the lake; together, they compose a poetic landscape and countryside. It is because of such beautiful scenery that numerous filmmakers have been attracted to film movies here.

There is also a special ecological landscape in Shuanglianpi, which is a wonder rarely seen in Taiwan: a floating island between the ponds about the size of a football field composed of a variety of aquatic plants. It moves every time a typhoon strikes, and each move reshuffles the plants in the water and redistributes their territory. 

Shuanglianpi Wildlife Refuge雙連埤野生動物保護區
Also because of the uniqueness of the floating island, it became a home to a variety of fishes and shrimps, dragonflies, frogs and other insects and animals, not to mention species of migratory birds and resident birds stopping over. So on holidays, why not treat yourself to a natural and intellectual trip by visiting the Shuanglianpi.


Huxi Village, Yuanshan Township, Yilan County Taiwán, R.O.C


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