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Caoling Historic Trail草嶺古道

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Caoling Historic Trail is located at the junction of Yilan’s Toucheng Township and New Taipei City’s Gongliao District, with a total length of about 8.5 km. Along the way, there are pavilions and public toilets provided for tourists to take a rest. It was one of the main arteries of traffic from Tamsui Prefecture to Kavalan Subprefecture during the Qing dynasty, and a part of the Danlan Historic Trail. It is also currently one of the ancient trails in Taiwan remaining from the Qing dynasty as well.

Caoling Historic Trail草嶺古道
Caoling Historic Trail starts from Tiangong Temple of Dali in Toucheng Township, Yilan County, and ends at Yuanwangkengkou. Setting off from Yilan and hiking along the mountain hiking route of the Trail, you can look over Guishan Island when arriving at the Pass. Or you can turn towards the Taoyuan Valley Trail featuring a large tract of grassland, and continue along the Caoling Historic Trail to enjoy the historical monuments, Tiger Inscription and Petroglyph of Xiong-Zhen-Man-Yan, preserved from the Qing dynasty, along the way.

A forest fire had once broken out in the Caoling Historic Trail. Both sides of the Trail are covered with Miscanthus, since the environment at the top of a mountain is too poor to grow trees. This is where the name of Caoling comes from (literary, “Grass Hill”). Every autumn and winter, when the Trail is covered in Miscanthus flowers, try climbing to the top of the mountain, and watch the endless white silver Miscanthus flowers swaying with the autumn wind; it can be mesmerizing.

Caoling Historic Trail草嶺古道
The Trail that was cultivated by earlier settlers makes one look back upon the hardship of our ancestors. Immerse yourself in this long corridor of time and space, while enjoying a healthy and leisurely time.


Dali, Toucheng Township, Yilan County Taiwán, R.O.C
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  • sharonchongmeili

    Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

    Silver Grass/Manghua Festival on Caoling Historic Trail

    5 2019-11

    Walked the trail on 10 November, 2019 during the above which happens in November every year and it was lovely. It was free and no registration was required. I would recommend to start from Dali as its easier to find the entrance to the trail just behind the temple which is a short 5mins walk from Dali train station. Lots of signages in english. Take the longer and more gradual road up instead of the steeper stairs if not super fit. Trail had wonderful views of the coastal areas & the silver grass was everywhere. Took about 1.5hr at a slow pace to reach the top before another hour downhill to Fulong.I took the local train from Taipei Main Station to Dali (about 2hrs, NTD94) & from Fulong back to TMS (1.5hrs, NTD83). I used Easycard for the train rides. Local trains function like the mrt ie. no reserve seating & no need to book in advance. Just tap on/off at the platforms.
  • karang88

    Singapore, Singapore

    Traveler type:


    Beautiful and peaceful walk

    5 2019-03

    Had a hike there in March on a sunny day. Started at the Fulong entance and ended at the Daili temple. There were 2 paths sloping paved road (much longer route) or down the steps (shorter route). Rested mid way at a large wooden shelter facing the sea with strong winds and the view was beautiful. This shelter leads to a series of stone steps (with no railings) up the hills, if you have strong leg muscles, a good stamina and no fear of heights, I recommend you go for it - my daughter and our private guide went up, said the view was even more beautiful and they saw some wild cows up there. They came back down after 50 mins and said they couldn't finish the entire stretch of steps that led to more and more hills.
  • Smritijit

    Taipei, Taiwan


    5 2019-01

    Excellent hiking trail with lots of fun. Its a very long trail. U should bring water and foods. On the way u will find some rest rooms. Good trail in any weather
  • BayDragon

    Bar Harbor, Maine

    Traveler type:


    Well maintained historic trail, intermediate hike, beautiful views

    5 2019-02

    What I love about this hike is that you can access it from a train stop, and there are ocean views on either side of the cape both on the uphill and downhill sides. It's only strenuous in terms of steepness in the first third or so, but you have to be up for a half-day's walk. As marked on the signage, the hike from Fulong station to Gongliao was 3-4 hours if you're moderately fit, including plenty of stops for photographs, water, lunch, and snacks. There is a closer parking lot near Gongliao by Yuanwangkeng Riverside Park 遠望坑親水公園, but the drive back to Taipei is likely to be slow depending on timing. In spite of the fact that we went on a holiday, the trails were not crowded though the access near Fulong was packed. You can park in the elementary school lot north of the temple and train station. The trail is paved with stone, so use caution after rain or in fog. Bathrooms at the forestry station about an hour from Fulong and another about an hour after that. There's a Mazu temple on the way to Gongliao station, which served a free meal on new year's day. Most of the trail is in the valley and therefore shaded. Some parts of it going over the ridge are quite exposed, so sun protection may be helpful.
  • bedgeyeah

    Traveler type:

    Friends getaway

    It was good. Leisurely and pretty

    3 2018-12

    We hiked from Dali to Fulong. It was 40 minutes to 1 hour to begin with, with some great views. Then about 2 hours of down hill and strolls through woods. It was really nice, not particularly exciting, but enjoyable for a day out!

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