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Annong River Cycling Road安農溪自行車道


Located in Sanxing Township, Yilan County, the Annong River Cycling Road was established along the north side of the embankment of Annong River. It starts from Shuiyuan Bridge upstream of Annong River and ends at the flood diversion weir beside the head of Waiziwai Bridge downstream of Annong River. With a total length of about 15 km, the terrain is flat with a little slope along the way on the Cycling Road to make it easier to bike and very suitable for parents and children to travel together by bicycle.

Annong River Cycling Road安農溪自行車道
The scenery on both sides of the Cycling Road is beautiful. The landscape at the countryside, such as paddy fields and pussy willows can be seen on the way. The southern side of Shuiyuan Bridge is the place of origin of Shangjiang pear as the starting point of the Cycling Road. You may visit the Sanshing Green Onion Culture Palace, Zhanggongwei Riverside Park, Yongquan Eco Park and other attractions along the way, with activities such as rafting on Annong River or participating in the Sanshing Green Onion and Garlic Festival or Pussy Willow Festival to experience the joy and fulfillment of leisure.

Annong River Cycling Road安農溪自行車道
There are many cycling roads in Yilan County. You may arrange your own itinerary and enjoy the ride. However, please beware that there is no bicycle rental service along the Annong River Cycling Road. It is suggested to rent bicycles before leaving for the Annong River Cycling Road, to have a great day cycling.


Sec. 3, Annong N. Rd.,, Sanxing Township, Yilan County Taiwán, R.O.C
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