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Seaside Cycling Road濱海自行車道


The North Coast Cycling Road is also known as the Seaside Cycling Road North Line in Yilan. It starts from Donggangrongshu Park and heads north toward Yongzhen Seaside Park and Zhuan Estuary, with a total length of about 14 km. In addition to a bike ride, it is also suitable for walking along the way to enjoy the gorgeous view. 

Seaside Cycling Road濱海自行車道
There are two scenic pavilions along the cycling road to give visitors places to rest and enjoy the coastal view in this area. White Poison bulb, Formosa lily, Sea mango and others are planted on both sides of the cycling road. Late summer and early autumn are the flowering season for Poison bulb and Formosa lily. The white flowers sway as the sea breeze blows. Appreciating the flowers while riding a bike is rather pleasing.

Seaside Cycling Road濱海自行車道
Quite a few paths along the way can lead to the beach. Accompanied by the sound of waves, you may enjoy looking at the seaside plants, the vast Pacific Ocean and the distant view of Guishan Island.

Seaside Cycling Road濱海自行車道
However, the supply station is a little bit far away from the cycling road. It is suggested to prepare all the things you need before you take the seaside cycling trip.


Buhou Rd.,, Zhuangwei Township, Yilan County Taiwán, R.O.C
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