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Yilan Literary Museum宜蘭文學館


Next to the Memorial Hall of the Founding of Yilan Administration in downtown Yilan, is the county’s Literary Museum. Built in a Japanese architectural style, it was formerly the residence of an agricultural school’s principal. After renovating and restoring the façade, the building became Yilan’s Music Museum. Then, to provide more people with an understanding of Yilan culture, it was changed to a literary museum.

Yilan Literary Museum宜蘭文學館
The Museum retains its Japanese office-style building, but since that space is small, it was walled into several rooms with sliding doors. On museum grounds a dining area is also set inside; it used to be an old dormitory for government directors and secretaries. Visitors can sip a cup of tea in the quiet comfortable atmosphere here.

Yilan Literary Museum宜蘭文學館
Yilan Literary Museum’s tranquil surroundings were once the setting for a TV commercial starring actor Takeshi Kaneshiro. Hearing this, many flocked to see the location and the Museum soared in popularity.

Yilan Literary Museum宜蘭文學館
As you step into the Museum, its relaxed pace will bring calm to your mind. People cannot help but feel the peace and slow down their haste, losing themselves in the words of Lanyang’s authors and writers. 


No.19, Xianfu 2nd Ln., Jiucheng S. Rd.,, Yilan City, Yilan County Taiwán, R.O.C
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Official website
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