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Dongshan River Ecoark(Dongshan River Forest Park)冬山河生態綠舟(冬山河森林公園)


The Dongshan River Eco Park is located upstream of the Dongshan River, Yilan. The Park has a huge land area of about 16 Ha and an extensive view. With the forest as the theme, the Forest Park includes the Dongshan River and creates abundant natural ecosystems. 

Dongshan River Ecoark(Dongshan River Forest Park)冬山河生態綠舟(冬山河森林公園)
Before its official opening, a lot of species, such as birds, fishes, frogs, and reptile species were discovered on this land. The Park is the home of wild animals and plants. Moreover, in order to protect their habitat and living environment, it is necessary to reduce human interference and prohibit acts such as cycling, flying kites, fishing and others which may destroy or affect the wild life. 

Dongshan River Ecoark(Dongshan River Forest Park)冬山河生態綠舟(冬山河森林公園)
On the east shore of Dongshan River Eco Park, the native vegetation is still preserved, having become the habitat for migratory birds. In addition to watching birds and exploring the ecosystems on boat, there are facilities including the Dongshan River Railroad Bridge, children’s playground, bird watching platform and pedestrian trail built within the Park. It is a forest park with the meaning of recreational and environmental education. 

The Dongshan River Eco Park is also close to the Dongshan River Water Park, Wulaokeng Scenic Area, the National Center for Traditional Arts, Luodong Night Market, and other attractions. After visiting the Dongshan River Eco Park, you may also want to go to the scenic spots nearby and enjoy the great scenery in Yilan.


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