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Dongshan Mr. Brown Avenue宜蘭伯朗大道


Mr. Brown Avenue not only exists in Taitung. There is also a beautiful Mr. Brown Avenue hidden in Sanqi Village, Dongshan Township, which is a secret wonderland in Yilan. Unlike the straight Chishang Mr. Brown Avenue in Chishang Township, Taitung County, Yilan’s Mr. Brown Avenue is a narrow winding road, making it more visually aesthetic and more beautiful than Taitung’s Mr. Brown Avenue.

Dongshan Mr. Brown Avenue宜蘭伯朗大道
When the green rice field turns yellow between late June and early July every year, by standing on the viewing deck aside, you may appreciate the yellow rice waves and the winding road at one glance without being interrupted by the telephone poles. Accompanied by the blue sky and white clouds as well as mountains far away, the extensive view is as stunning as a painting.

When riding a bike or taking a walk among the rice field, the breeze blows gently and the paddy smell floats in the air. You just cannot help but slow down the pace to let the mind rest and enjoy the quiet moment.

Dongshan Mr. Brown Avenue宜蘭伯朗大道
Besides, people are only allowed to walk or bike on Yilan’s Mr. Brown Avenue since cars are forbidden to enter the Avenue, which should be parked beside the Fengzun Temple. People who take public transportation here can take the train and get off at Dongshanguapeng Station; you may then rent a bicycle to ride along Chengxing Road and turn left on Sanfeng Road before reaching the Avenue to enjoy a cycling trip among the rice waves.


No.395, Sande Rd.,, Dongshan Township, Yilan County Taiwán, R.O.C
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