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Hanxi Drawbridge寒溪吊橋


Hanxi Drawbridge spans a distance of 324 meters in Hanxi Village, Datong Township. It’s decorated with a diamond shaped pattern that symbolizes the eyes of ancestors for the aborigine Atayal tribe. The colorful bridge is Yilan’s longest, most beautiful suspension bridge. 

Hanxi Drawbridge寒溪吊橋
Hanxi is the name of a river and an area, the name originally being Hansiren River (which means “river that freezes people to death”) because of its deep, fast, and cold water upstream. 

Hanxi Drawbridge is an important connection between the Hanxi tribe and Huaxing community. Standing on the bridge, one can see the whole valley’s beauty. This unique aborigine bridge has become one of Hanxi Village’s famous landmarks. 

Hanxi Drawbridge寒溪吊橋
Strolling along the Hanxi Drawbridge, gazing at the green mountains and rushing water, enjoy a simplicity and beauty untouched by the city. Visit the Village afterwards, walk the old trails, or see the mysterious Hanxi shrine ruins for a trip filled with aboriginal culture. 


Hanxi Ln.,, Datong Township, Yilan County Taiwán, R.O.C
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