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Qingshui Geothermal Park清水地熱公園

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After passing Changpi Lake on Provincial Highway 7C, you’ll see smoke rising in the distance and feel the atmosphere become much more humid. The Qingshui Geothermal Park will be just up ahead. 

Qingshui Geothermal Park清水地熱公園
It’s located in southern Qingshui Village, in the Qingshui River valley. Rich sources of subterranean heat create clear, alkaline hot springs with temperatures up to 95C in the area, a great place for outdoor picnicking. 

Qingshui Geothermal Park was formerly an old workstation of CPC Corporation, and became the nation’s first geothermal power plant in 1981. Now on the Park grounds there are three cooking pools, two foot baths, a rest area, a vendor area, etc. 

Qingshui Geothermal Park清水地熱公園
The cooking pools and foot baths both use water from hot spring number 19. Visitors can use the boiling water to cook food for picnics, such as onsen tamago, egg with a soft texture achievable by the spring’s stable temperatures. Topping the day off at the relaxing foot baths makes for a perfect vacation.


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