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Luodong Sports Park羅東運動公園


Luodong Sports Park is located in downtown Luodong and is 2 km from Luodong Railway Station, with easy access to other places. The three major themes of water, green, and health are combined in natural landscapes and sports facilities. The overall design integrates Taiwan’s local characteristics with Lanyang’s features to create a comfortable leisure space.

Luodong Sports Park羅東運動公園
The waterscape in the Park is quite magnificent. At the background of Langyang River, the 1 km long miniature of the Lanyang River system is built. There is also a great view in the Park, Bald Cypress Forest, which is a scenic spot not to be missed when visiting Luodong.

Every time in autumn and winter, the Bald Cypress leaves turn from green to red. The leaves fall on the ground and dye the Luodong Sports Park red. When tourists walk into the forest on the stone steps, they will feel like walking into a secret wonderland and become absorbed in such a beautiful scene.

Luodong Sports Park羅東運動公園
In addition to a uniquely bountiful natural landscape in the Park, there are various facilities: swimming pool, football field, track and field stadium, tennis court, circle plaza, and others at the Park. When you find yourself eating too much and feel too full, why not come to the Luodong Sports Park, take a relaxing walk and watch the water dance show at every hour sharp!


No.666, Gongzheng Rd.,, Luodong Township, Yilan County Taiwán, R.O.C
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