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Donggangrongshu Park東港榕樹公園


With the wooded path and view deck, Donggangrongshu Park is located beside the Donggang Wharf in Zhuangwei Township, Yilan, where it is also the estuary of Yilan River and Lanyang River and the southern exit of the cycling road at the Seaside Park in Yilan.

Donggangrongshu Park東港榕樹公園
As there are a few tens of banyan trees planted on both sides of the Park, the branches and leaves form a natural green pavilion; thus, it has a name like the pronunciation in Chinese of banyan trees. The most famous feature of the Park is the hammocks hanging from the trees. The fishermen used their fishing net repairing skills and made 20 hammocks which became part of the unique scenery of the Park.

Surrounded by the trees in the Park is Dajhongye Temple. A lot of people like to come here and take a break. Walking out of Donggangrongshu Park, you can still see the previous simple wharf that used to be there. People do not fish as much as before; nevertheless, the simple and pure fishing village is still maintained.

Donggangrongshu Park東港榕樹公園
Riding along the seashore, you will reach Seaside Cycling Road. Next comes the plank road, and then you reach Yongzheng Seaside Park to enjoy the sea breeze and magnificent ocean view.


Zhuangwei Township, Yilan County Taiwán, R.O.C
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