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Yongzhen Seaside Park永鎮海濱公園


The Yongzhen Seaside Park is located behind Yongzhen Temple in Zhuangwei Township, near downtown Yilan. With a delicate sand beach and various seashore plants, it is a famous seashore spot in Zhuangwei Township, as well as a great place for people to catch the sea breeze, walk amid the waves or on the shore, and overlook Guishan Island.

Yongzhen Seaside Park永鎮海濱公園
The Seaside Park has a wide beach and fine smooth sand. You can appreciate the coastal scenery from different viewpoints. The ocean view of the Seaside Park is especially magnificent during the sunset and nightfall. Photography enthusiasts are often attracted here to shoot special pictures of the Guishan Island sunrise or the fire cloud. People who pass the seaside road just cannot help but stop by and view the special sceneries.

Walking towards the end of the beach on the plank road, there is Donggangrongshu Park for people who come here to rest. Also, a parking lot is set at the entrance of the Park.

Yongzhen Seaside Park永鎮海濱公園
Under the trees beside the parking lot, there are many food and beverage carts; people can not only enjoy Mother Nature to relax and unwind, but also buy some snacks to reward themselves at Seaside Park. 


Yongzhen Rd.,, Zhuangwei Township, Yilan County Taiwán, R.O.C
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