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Qingshui Gate (Wujie Tide Gate)清水大閘門


Dongshan River flows into the sea gently and smoothly. Along the course, a place called Xiaqingshui is the lowest location downstream of Dongshan River and the entrance to the sea. Qingshui Gate is also called Wujie Tide Gate. It is a famous gate scene in Wujie Township, Yilan.

Qingshui Gate (Wujie Tide Gate)清水大閘門
The Qingshui Gate has 20 holes, each with a diameter of 2.5 meters. It has played a great role in water regulation. Since its construction, flooding and seawater intrusion occur less often downstream of Dongshan River. 

The Gate has a great view with magnificent landscape. No matter during the sunset or moonrise, you can always see the tourists’ reflection on the sparkling water. Also, it was a filming scene of the famous Taiwanese movie, so lots of visitors have been attracted to the place.

Qingshui Gate (Wujie Tide Gate)清水大閘門
In addition to water regulation, the Gate is also the favorite place for fishing enthusiasts. As the inside or the outside of the Gate is where fresh water meets salt water, it has rich ecological diversified resources of various fishes, shrimp and other sea animals, and also attracts a lot of waterbirds seeking food. Walk along the estuary from the Gate, and you can watch the birds in Lanyang Estuary Waterbird Refuge.


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