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Memorial Hall of Founding of Yilan Administration宜蘭設治紀念館


Located in Yilan City, the Memorial Hall of the Founding of Yilan Administration was built by Saigo Kikujiro, Governor of Yilan Prefecture during the Japanese Colonial Period, and formerly served as the official residence of the successive head of the local government. This Hall mainly presents the historical development of Yilan’s official governance. In 1997, after the planning and repairing by experts and craftsmen, it was officially opened to the public. 

Memorial Hall of Founding of Yilan Administration宜蘭設治紀念館
When entering the Memorial Hall, it will feel like entering into another world. Time seems to stand still in the Japanese Colonial Period, where old trees grow into woods, swaying with the wind. There are Japanese-style wooden buildings and Western classical architecture, as well as a serene and elegant Japanese garden. Pushing through the door and entering the main exhibition room, you’ll be met by the light fragrance of cypress in the air; it is the scent of cypresses from Taiping Mountain that were used to build the official residence at the time. This is a historical space with every little detail worth slowing down your steps to explore. 

Memorial Hall of Founding of Yilan Administration宜蘭設治紀念館
The Yilan Literary Museum is adjacent to the Memorial Hall of the Founding of Yilan Administration. After visiting the Memorial Hall, why not bask in the literary culture at the Yilan Literary Museum, and enjoy tranquility in the middle of downtown Yilan.


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