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Toucheng Old Street頭城老街


With red walls and black tiles, Toucheng Old Street, the oldest street in Toucheng Township, used to be known as Touwei Street. During the Qing dynasty, it became a highly prosperous economic center due to its proximity to the Wushi Harbor, which was the only commercial harbor in the Lanyang area at that time. The signs of wear and tear on the walls attest to the overall flourishing and fading of Old Street.

Toucheng Old Street頭城老街
It takes one only a few steps away from the Toucheng Train Station to find Toucheng Old Street. There, you can saunter leisurely without the annoyance of having to squeeze through crowds of people. The buildings on both sides of the Street can be seen here and there mixing Western-style houses from the Southern Min (Minnan) region dating back to the Qing dynasty, or from the Japanese colonial period. Famous architectures also include the Qingyuan Temple, Shisanhang, Lu Family Residence, “Xin Chang Xing Shu Ji”, and so on. All these buildings that were once glorious, have now become monuments recounting their history.

Toucheng Old Street頭城老街
The Street runs from south to north, with a Fude (Earth God) Temple on each end, and is surrounded by old streets with the style of each period, making it a common filming site for Taiwanese TV dramas. In addition to the rich historical and cultural atmosphere, there are also dainty food stalls hidden in the lanes and alleys, waiting for visitors to explore and savor local dishes that are full of nostalgic tastes.


Heping St.,, Toucheng Township, Yilan County Taiwán, R.O.C
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