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Luodong Forestry Culture Garden羅東林業文化園區


There were three forest areas in Taiwan during the Japanese Colonial Period: Baxianshan Forest Area, Alishan Forest Area, and Taipingshan Forest Area. The Taiwan Cypresses and Taiwan Yellow Cypresses cut from Taipingshan Forest Area were all delivered to the Luodong Agency and timber pond for storage. The Luodong Agency then became the current Luodong Forestry Culture Garden after its organization.
 Luodong Forestry Culture Garden羅東林業文化園區
Luodong Forestry Culture Garden sits in the vicinity of the city of Luodong and is easy to access. The garden has a timber pond, forest railway, bamboo forest station, steam locomotive, green forest, and trails. You can see from the equipment and buildings how prosperous and vibrant the forestry was at the time. At the same time, it also makes people emotional about the amount of precious Taiwan cypresses that have disappeared in Taiping Mountain.  

As the forestry was upgraded, the former glorious timber pond is now occupied by the Taiwan cypresses cut at the time. Now, the timber pond no longer stores timber but has become a haven for waterfowls and fish. 

Luodong Forestry Culture Garden羅東林業文化園區
Taking a walk in the garden feels like entering a secret garden. The garden has dense trees. From time to time, you will hear the birds sing, while smelling phytoncide and the mild Taiwan Cypress scent in the air. The comfortable environment makes you want to stop to appreciate the serenity of your heart.


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