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Luodong Forestry Culture Garden羅東林業文化園區


There were three forest areas in Taiwan during the Japanese Colonial Period: Baxianshan Forest Area, Alishan Forest Area, and Taipingshan Forest Area. The Taiwan Cypresses and Taiwan Yellow Cypresses cut from Taipingshan Forest Area were all delivered to the Luodong Agency and timber pond for storage. The Luodong Agency then became the current Luodong Forestry Culture Garden after its organization.
 Luodong Forestry Culture Garden羅東林業文化園區
Luodong Forestry Culture Garden sits in the vicinity of the city of Luodong and is easy to access. The garden has a timber pond, forest railway, bamboo forest station, steam locomotive, green forest, and trails. You can see from the equipment and buildings how prosperous and vibrant the forestry was at the time. At the same time, it also makes people emotional about the amount of precious Taiwan cypresses that have disappeared in Taiping Mountain.  

As the forestry was upgraded, the former glorious timber pond is now occupied by the Taiwan cypresses cut at the time. Now, the timber pond no longer stores timber but has become a haven for waterfowls and fish. 

Luodong Forestry Culture Garden羅東林業文化園區
Taking a walk in the garden feels like entering a secret garden. The garden has dense trees. From time to time, you will hear the birds sing, while smelling phytoncide and the mild Taiwan Cypress scent in the air. The comfortable environment makes you want to stop to appreciate the serenity of your heart.


No.118, Zhongzheng N. Rd.,, Luodong Township, Yilan County Taiwán, R.O.C
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  • ai10132015



    5 2020-12

    雨天漫步在園區,格外有氣氛,整個園區維護完善,可沿著步道,繞一整個大池,生態也維護很不錯,可以很近距離的看到野生鳥類在池邊覓食,園區內也有一些店家可以逛逛,還有語音導覽可以了解其歷史,也有很多地方可休息拍網美照。 私心評比: 1. 知名度:觀光景點,遊覽車會出沒地 2. 便利性:有停車位(需付費) 3. 環境規劃:維護良好,適合親子,園區很大,有園區地圖,規劃很不錯 4. 注意事項:不須門票,下雨天有些地方會有點泥濘 5. 建議時間:親子-可讓孩子放電一整天。網美&文青-能拍照的點非常多。一般旅客-約一小時可逛拍完。 On a rainy day, strolling in this park, whichs vibe here is great. The park is well planned. We can go around the big pond along the promenade, the natural ecology in the park is rich, and we also can see the wild birds are on the feed at close quarters. There are some shops and some places could relax and take a good picture. And they have audio guidance could let us understand its history. Selfless appraisal: 1. Popularity: Tourist spot 2. Convenience: have a paid parking lot 3. Environment: Good maintained, suitable for parent-child, the park is big, have pack map, well planned 4. Notices: for free, some places are muddy on rainy day. 5. Suggestion: Parent-child --- evening, half day. Influence & Hipster --- a lot of photo hot spots, half day. The common people --- 1 hour.
  • ROCruiser

    Claremont, California


    4 2019-07

    Spending an hour or so walking along the trails was relaxing and enjoyable. This is not your foreign visitors destination if you have limited time in Taiwan, but if you happened to be in this area and wondering what to do, this is a nice option. Check out the tiny museum inside the Japanese type buildings. Learn about the logging industry in this area.
  • RaluCON

    Tokyo, Japan

    Nice place if you want to run away from the city for an hour

    3 2019-11

    I attended a conference in Taipei in the beginning of November and we were taken to Yilan Luodong Forestry Culture Park as part of an organized excursion. It was a nice place to spend 1 hour in the middle of the nature. The place is known for being a non-polluted area. Before, it was a major sight for timber production and we could see the railways and one train station which were used to transport timber. However, if I were a tourist travelling around Taiwan I am not sure this park would be on my visiting list.
  • NewCastle2013

    Newcastle upon Tyne, United Kingdom

    beautiful place

    4 2019-06

    beautiful place. but there are not many tourists during week days. Many locations are not open at noon.
  • Sky_Art_101

    Traveler type:


    You can enter the forest from the city in a flash.

    5 2019-03

    Luodong used to be the hub of timber distribution in Taiwan. It is the largest storage area for the Taipingshan Forest Farm. In order to transport timber, the railway from Tuchang to Luodong was opened in 1921. The Taipingshan Forest Farm ended its logging operations in 1982. . Luodong Forestry Culture Park introduces the development process of Taiwan's forestry in detail. You can feel comfortable here. There are natural ecological pool (storage pond), aquatic plant pool, aquatic plant display area, transportation steam locomotive display area, forest railway, wood plank road near by the river, etc. You can enter the forest from the city in a flash. It is worth to visit! 羅東曾經是台灣木材的集散重鎮,是規模最大的太平山林場的儲木區,為了運送木材,1921 年開闢了從土場到羅東的鐵路,太平山林場直至1982年才結束了砍伐作業。 羅東林業文化園區詳細介紹台灣林業發展過程,整個環境非常舒服,規劃有自然生態池(貯木池)、水生植物池、水生植物展示區、運材蒸汽火車頭展示區、森林鐵路、臨水木棧道等設施,是休閒生態的好去處,讓你一瞬間從都市進入森林,非常值得一遊喔!

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