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Luodong Night Market羅東夜市


Once you step into Luodong Night Market, you will see the bustling crowds. The area of the night market encompasses Minsheng Rd., Minquan Rd., Gongyuan Rd., and Xingdong Rd. Apart from street food, there are also affordable clothing and shoe stores in Luodong Night Market, making it the perfect place for both shopping and eating in Luodong.

Luodong Night Market羅東夜市
Since most street food is sold on Gongyuan Rd., they are commonly known as Gongyuan street foods. There are people waiting in line for food everywhere you see. If you want to enjoy the delicacies in Luodong Night Market without the hassles of the crowds, we advise you to visit the market on weekdays, when you will be able to wander around in the market with ease. If you can only visit the market on the weekends, we advise you to arrive before 16:00 or after 22:00, to avoid the horrific weekend crowds. 

Due to the overwhelming crowds, a multi-story car park can be found next to the Luodong Night Market’s entrance. Other parking lots are spread across the neighborhood of the market. Parts of the roads in the city are one-way roads, so do take note of the navigation on the road signs when driving to the market to avoid wrong-way driving. 

Luodong Night Market羅東夜市
You can shop at Luodong Night Market, and also enjoy fine snacks such as Angelica Lamb Soup (Dang-gui-yan-rou-tang), Sanxing Spring Onion Buns (San-xing-cong-bao), Deep-fried Meat Cake (Gao-zha), Meat Fritters (Bu-rou), Deep Fried Pork Rolls (Long-feng-tui), Crispy Egg Cakes (Cui-pi-ji-dan-gao), etc. The street food options are so many that it is often difficult for people to choose which ones they want. Because of these delicacies, Luodong Night Market has become a famous tourist attraction, bringing crowds to the neighborhood. 



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  • kimitakas

    Taichung, Taiwan

    Traveler type:

    Solo travel

    Local night market

    4 2019-06

    Night market is one of tourist attractions in Taiwan, but that of big cities like the market in Shilin, Taipei is sometimes tourists. If you really want to experience a local night market, this one in Luodong is recommendable. Beside the market, there is a park and you can bring what you bought, eat while listening music by street musicians.
  • kmaio

    Hong Kong, China

    Rainy, pity

    4 2019-05

    The night market is not really big but there are a great variety of snacks, drinks and desserts. We visited on a rainy night thus it was hard to stay longer. Remember to pick a no-rain day to go.
  • 307jessev

    Fallbrook, California

    Traveler type:

    Friends getaway

    Great place to sample the local food

    4 2019-02

    A more food-focused night market; Luodong's market has a lot of places to eat from small snacks to large meals to desserts. If you enjoy the night market experience and are in the area this one had a more laid back feel and a lot more places to eat than the Yilan market though not as many stalls for trinkets, souvenirs etc. If you're hungry this is a great place to fill up at a relatively inexpensive cost. If you're driving I'd recommend either getting their before it fully opens up ie before 4pm or parking in the parking garage otherwise space is at a premium here.
  • willbu73

    Singapore, Singapore

    Traveler type:


    Very crowded even on a weekday.

    3 2018-12

    The night market is not that big compared to other night markets in Taipei. Quite a number of repeated food stalls. Price wise still considered reasonable.
  • VikkiPoh

    Bandar Seri Begawan, Brunei Darussalam

    Traveler type:


    A night market around the Luodong park

    4 2018-12

    It was unfortunate that it was raining when we visited the night market so some stalls were closed. The stalls and shops were set up around the Luodong park which was quite nice to visit itself and has a public toilet for those who need it. The food such as peanut ice cream roll, Taiwan sausage that we tried were mostly not bad. Can't compare night markets in Taipei or Taichung but I did enjoy strolling around without a big crowd.

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