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The Jimmy Square幾米廣場


Have you ever imagined how the pictures in picture books would look if they became real? The Jimmy Square situated around the Yilan Station has finally fulfilled the dreams of Jimmy’s fans.

The Jimmy Square幾米廣場
The Jimmy Square used to be an old railway staff dormitory; it was later transformed into the transit center of long-haul buses. As Yilan happens to be the hometown of the famous illustrator, with the theme of “in memory of the transient scenery”, he created the first square in Taiwan featuring his own illustrations, in Yilan. The square still maintains the original historic buildings and old trees.

Here, you will see the male and female main characters from Turn Left, Turn Right (A Chance of Sunshine) departing hastily in opposite directions. Or you can see the little boy and girl from The Starry Starry Night waiting together for the bus that will never come. Or you can see the suitcase that holds the traveler’s memories from Sound of Colors. All the pieces of the installation art displayed at the Jimmy Square create limitless room for imagination and touch people’s hearts.

The Jimmy Square幾米廣場
The Happy Station that takes only five minutes to arrive at, no longer leaves the impression of hastiness. Visitors who travel here can now slow down and stop for a while to appreciate the beautiful scenery in the surroundings and imprint Yilan, the place that makes you smile, in their mind.


No.240, Sec. 1, Yixing Rd.,, Yilan City, Yilan County Taiwan, R.O.C
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open all year round


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  • Tomhu868

    San Francisco, California

    Traveler type:

    Friends getaway

    Great trip with family/Kid(s)

    4 2019-04

    This is a great place for family with kid(s). Lot's of places for take photos and let kid explore. Very interesting arts all around. Of course, the best is free. Ensure you take photo with the train.
  • mabelyong

    Selangor, Malaysia

    Traveler type:

    Friends getaway

    It's best for Jimi's fans

    5 2018-06

    Those statues at the square is actually base on Jimi's art, if you like to take photos, it's definitely a good place to capture, especially if you are Jimi's fans!
  • MTWT1416

    Hong Kong, China

    Traveler type:


    Small but cute fully outdoor square

    4 2019-02

    Jimi Square is about 200m walk away from Yilan Train Station to the left of the main exit and within walking distance. Walking from the train station to Jimi Square allows you to walk by some local handicraft vendors with unique local handicraft products including leather goods or aluminium foil made toys. Alone the short walk you will also walk-by the local tourist information center and old abandoned bus station that is nicely maintained and provides good shelter on a heated day. Jimi Square itself is not huge and is immediately across from a big outdoor ground park filled with grass for kids to run around. Jimi Square has some very unique sculptures and colourful paintings that my kids really enjoyed spending times In the Square for a good 30-40 minutes but in the middle of the day under the heated sun we all find the heat too much and had to leave to find shelter to recuperate and rehydrate. After Jimi Square I would recommend to walk walk back toward the Yilan Train Station and visit the across the street nice large colourful train hung from the ceiling.
  • Sky_Art_101

    Traveler type:


    The installation art park

    5 2019-01

    The Jimmy Theme Square, nicknamed Jimmy Park, is located in the south side of Yilan Railway Station. It is the old dormitory area of ​​the Taiwan Railways Administration. It has been re-planned and rebuilt with the theme of memory scenery. There are historical buildings, old trees and green shades. The installation art of the scenes from the well-known picture book such as "A Chance of Sunshine" and "The Starry Starry Night". It is very suitable for taking pictures. 位在宜蘭火車站南側的幾米主題廣場,暱稱幾米公園,是台灣鐵路局的舊宿舍區,經過重新規劃整建,以「記憶片刻風景」為主題,歷史建築、老樹綠蔭中,置入知名繪本作家「幾米」的場景的裝置藝術,例如「向左走‧向右走」、「星空」…等繪本中的著名場景,在這裡都可以看到,是個很適合拍照跟親子同遊的宜蘭必朝聖景點。
  • Kathyong

    Kota Kinabalu, Malaysia

    Traveler type:


    Worth to take pictures with all the statues

    4 2018-10

    It is really refreshing to see such cartoonish statues are set up alongside the street of Yilan City. The Square is not very big and you can visit all by just walking. If you have time, please take the Jimi free bus shuttle for a ride.

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