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Taipingshan National Forest Recreation Area太平山國家森林遊樂區


The whole Taiping area covers the Nanhu Mountain Range, Sanxing Mountain Range, and Dabajian Mountain Range. The mountains are famous for the Taiwan Cypresses and Taiwan Yellow Cypresses. In the past, the Taiping area was named one of the three biggest forest areas together with Alishan and Baxianshan. The average annual temperature is 13 degrees Celsius. The Taiping Mountains are always surrounded by clouds and mist while the forest contains many kinds of trees. As the seasons change, the views also vary. Thus, the place is lauded as a heaven on earth.

Taipingshan National Forest Recreation Area太平山國家森林遊樂區
Taipingshan National Forest Recreation Area is huge and includes attractions such as Renze, Lantai, Bailing, Cuifeng Lake, and Taipingshan Waterfall. Also, the recreational facilities such as the Jiuzize Hot Spring, forest trail, the geothermal area for boiling eggs can also be found. Meanwhile, the recreation area has preserved the original trees and relics of the ropeway, mountain tracks, and forest train left from the previous production, whereby tourists coming here can reminisce about the past. 

You can jump in the bumper car when coming to Taiping Mountain and take a deep breath of the phytoncide to bask in the forest and immerse yourself in the green mountains and lakes surrounded by wispy fog. Or you can enjoy the clouds and sunrise of Taiping Mountain with peace in the morning and watch the changeable ecological environment and climate.

 Taipingshan National Forest Recreation Area太平山國家森林遊樂區
During autumn and winter, the maple leaves will paint the mountain red, which attracts hordes of tourists to travel here and take pictures. Taiwan Cherries, Plum Blossoms, and Taipingshan White Cherry Blossoms also change as the seasons progress, allowing Taipingshan National Forest Recreation Area to put on a different dress for every season and await tourists to visit. 


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