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Chaoyang Fishing Harbor朝陽漁港


Situated by the seashore of Chaoyang Village (commonly known as Da-Nanao), Suao Township, Chaoyang Fishing Harbor has Wushihbi Coastal Nature Reserve on the northern side as its natural barrier. Thanks to abundant oceanic resources in this sea area, Chaoyang Fishing Harbor is not only rock fishermen's favorite fishing spot but also the richest fishing ground in the southern Suao. Without floating debris on the water, garbage scattering on the ground and fish smell in the air, Chaoyang Fishing is clean, tidy and obviously different from others.
When it comes to Chaoyang Fishing Harbor, locals or tourists waiting for the return of fishing boats at the harbor must be especially mentioned. At 7 AM and 4 PM every day, Nanao stationary fishery operators would fill their boats with freshly caught fish and return. Because of the deep open sea of Nanao and Kuroshio Current that passes by, medium to large sized and high value migratory fishes are usually harvested. By virtue of a clean natural environment, fish from the sea around Nanao has a firm texture with a sweet flavor. Once the fishing boats are moored, a flock of people would scramble for their favorite fish species. After salesmen weigh the fish and customers pay money, the deals are done! Chaoyang Fishing Harbor always attracts locals and visitors to purchase the freshest seafood.


Adjacent to No. 1, Chaoyang Rd. (in Chaoyang Community), Su'ao Township, Yilan County Taiwán, R.O.C
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  • Eco-tourism