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Lions Memorial Park


During the years of Taisho and Showa period, Japanese occupation of Taiwan, the "Sunan Highway" from Suao to Nanfangao was one of the branches at the starting point of "Suhua Highway", made along the cliff bordering the gulf of Suao. There were several hills with thicker rocks in between. After making the roads, several small hills on the sea side were left untouched. Due to their great location to overlook the Suao Harbor, in 1985, Suao Lions Club chose the biggest hill out of these small hills and jointly funded with "Kitakyishu East Lions Clubs International" to build a small Lions Memorial Park. Besides the design of flower garden and pavilion, a majestic sitting lion molded by the cement and steel lies on the top of the hill.
In 1992, after the opening of Yishan Rd. in Suao Harbor, Sunan Highway, the original only way from Suao to Nanfangao, suddenly became unused due to its tortuous path. Today, Sunan Highway has become local residents’ major exercise trail. Sitting in the middle of the hillside and looking down to overlook the Pacific Ocean, the Lions Memorial Park has become the best scenic spot to view Suao Harbor, Nanfangao Bay Bridge, Nanfangao and Beifangao. In addition, it is also one of the popular spots for photography enthusiasts.


Located on the roadside to the Sunan Highway towards the direction of Nanfangao, Su'ao Township, Yilan County Taiwán, R.O.C
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  • Eco-tourism