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Dingliao Ecological Park


Dingliao Ecological Park is located on the north shore of Hsinchang Creek, Suao. In the park, there are many recreational facilities, such as pavilions, bird-watching pavilions, walking trails and fishing platforms. There is also a large area of wetlands with abundant ecological resources, which attract migratory birds to rest here. Common bird species include the red-collared dove, yellow-headed heron, brown-throated sand martin, black-naped blue magpie, small ducks, grey herons and the like. It is also the end point on southern creek section of coastal bike trail in Yilan. To enjoy the company of aquatic birds at the end of biking trip indeed brings a very diverse scenery and fun while touring the coast of Yilan. Right next to the park, there is a banyan tree park. The twisted roots and intertwined joints of the huge banyan tree make an impressive spectacle.
The park can be divided into around-the-lake trail on the ground, and viewing platform and ecological trail on the upland. Above the park, there are the ruins of military bunkers. In terms of its terrain, it belongs to "fixed dunes", which is no longer affected by the force of the waves. There are also old dunes further from the coast, where melia, yellow hibiscus and other trees grow. You can overlook the wetlands in ecological pond from the viewing platform. It is indeed a suitable attraction for bird-watching and walks.


Dingliao Rd., Su’ao Township, Yilan County, Su'ao Township, Yilan County Taiwán, R.O.C
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