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Wulaokeng Creek is part of the Xincheng River system. From here, the river enters the plain. Because of the picturesque view of mountains and river, the place is named "Wulao linquan (Wulaokeng Scenic Area)". The hills in Wulaokeng are ideal for tea trees. The tea from Wulaokeng is famous for its aroma and sweetness. Wulaokeng is covered with lush forests and woven by creeks where Taiwan shoveljaw carp, thickhead chub and hairy crabs swim happily. An old saying about "Wulaokeng's rocky drums and Ajian Town's pretty gals" was passed down from generation to generation. The saying describes two special features of the area: for one thing, when the water of Wulaokeng Creek hits the rocks, it would sound like beating drums. For the other, the clear water in the lower stream of the creek and the fresh air in the "Ajian Town" has been nurturing beautiful young women. Since 2001, an annual Green Expo takes place from March to May; there, the visitors can learn the environmental awareness, nature and ecology, energy, bio-technology and environmental friendliness through playing.


75, Wulaokeng Road, Su'ao Township, Yilan County, Su'ao Township, Yilan County Taiwán, R.O.C
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