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Neipi Bay內埤海灣


Neipi bay is located in the area of the Second Fishing Port. The dune embankment separates the port and the Pacific Ocean. Surrounded by mountains and sea, Neipi Bay commands an amazing view and is the best spot to watch the sun rising from the east along with the magnificent, awe-inspiring tides and waves. The bay is covered with pebbles of different sizes and colors. When the sun is bright, the water of the bay sparkles because of the reflection of the sun; it is quite a romantic view. The bay is well hidden and discrete thanks to the terrain. Also, there is a tranquil and simplistic atmosphere at the bay. Therefore, many lovers come to the bay for some quiet, romantic quality time. That's where the name, Lover's Bay, came from.


Neipi Rd., Su’ao Township, Yilan County, Su'ao Township, Yilan County Taiwán, R.O.C
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  • Jeanie C

    Traveler type:

    Friends getaway


    1 2018-09

    It's a beautiful but dangerous beach. Because of the landscape, rogue waves(freak waves) happen here. 我希望拉低一點點這個景點的評分,讓出遊的人看到時,可以猶豫一下,看看評論再決定要不要去。 給予1星並不是因為這個地方風景差,這個海灘事實上很漂亮,地形也很不同,但這裡只適合觀浪! 只 適 合 觀 浪 ! 會這麼強調是因為,這裡經有很多起溺斃案件,我與友人出遊當天下午,就發生了3起案件(2018.09.02),共7人被拉下海,僅1人存活。我們親眼目睹了其中一起,基本上被浪打到、捲走,存活機率就很低了,就算你會游泳、仰漂,還是很難抵抗,因為我們當時在岸邊,看到下去救人的一名男子,一開始還能仰漂,幾分鐘後就不見了,不知道是被浪壓下去還是被海裡的其他東西打到(岸邊看到很多東西一直被浪打上岸又拉下去),等到他再次出現在海面上時,已是面朝下的姿勢,不要想撐到等救災的來就會沒事了,警察、消防隊、救生員、海巡署都來了,但因為那個浪,他們也不能貿然下去救,只能等待海浪把人推往沙灘比較近時,才有辦法救人,大家都心急,但真的無能為力。 因為這裡的地形(陡降型)造成常有長浪發生,當地人都知道,常常傻傻下去踏浪的都是遊客,然後就容易發生意外。若旅行的功課準備不足,就不會知道這個海灘的可怕。 當時我與友人有看完告示牌才下去踏浪,我們想,不要走太遠,大概浪上來會淹到小腿一半以下的位置就好,但浪來了兩次我們就覺得不行,第一、這個浪很有力,沙子帶走的很快,一次的浪就可以讓人重心不穩,第二、大浪來的很快,就是所謂的長浪,又俗稱瘋狗浪,沒有多少時間可以準備跑。所以最後我們退到長浪打來頂多只能碰到腳板距離,畢竟安全最重要。 若真的要到這裡來玩,請站在高處,觀賞就好,不要貿然下去。 DON'T TRY TO PLAY IN THE WATER OR WALK IN THE WAVES!
  • Journey674227

    Traveler type:



    5 2016-07

    The other side of the sea is very beautiful, is blue, I really like, and a lot of beautiful stones. Although the weather is hot, but the sea is beautiful, will be very happy. . But not into the sea, because it is very dangerous. There have reastuant,there food are very yummy.
  • JiveSun

    Taipei, Taiwan

    Traveler type:

    Friends getaway

    Also Known as the Neipi Beach

    4 2014-07

    Located in the neighborhood of Nanfangao, the Lover’s Bay, or also known as the Neipi Beach, is one of the greatest attractions in Yilan that I highly recommend. The steep beach is stony. Just a few meters away from the shore it is surprisingly deep and cold. The waves vary in size and are usually strong. You should be extremely careful when you dive in the water. If you depart from Taipei, I suggest that you take #1879 of Kuo-Kuang Motor Transport either at Yuanshan Station or Taipei Nangang Exhibition Center Station of the Taipei Metro and get off at the terminal stop, Nanfangao (about 1.5 hours from Taipei Nangang Exhibition Center Station). Then cross the Nanfangao Bridge and take Zaochuan Road. A few minutes past the Chessboard Cape Park, follow the sign and turn left to where the beautiful beach lies right in front of you. Spend a couple of hours in the water and enjoy an afternoon of fun. After that, I suggest that you take Neipi Road and get some fresh seafood in the nearby Nanning Fish Market. Visit the famous Nantian Temple and Jinan Temple along the way if you are particularly interested in the Mazu worship. Finally, you can take the same bus to return to Taipei, or you can take #1766 of Kuo-Kuang Motor Transport across from the Jinan Temple to arrive at Luodong and enjoy an evening of delicious local cuisine at the Luodong Night Market.
  • IMmifen


    5 2020-07

    很漂亮,但是千萬別下水,連水都不要碰到。 有浮具還可以,飄出去還有機會活著被別人撿回來。 在水泥堤防上吹吹風、看看海就好。
  • _E2383MJ


    Traveler type:



    4 2020-05


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