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Jinan Temple (Chang Gong Temple)


Due to worshiping "Fazhugong" whose last name was Chang, Jinan Temple is often called "Chang Gong Temple". This is the oldest temple in the whole town of Suao. "Fazhugong" was the local patron god of Fujian Province. The fact indirectly indicated that people from Quanzhou were the first Han Chinese immigrants to relocate in Suao.
At that time, the pioneering ancestors from Quanzhou traveled overseas to find a place to settle and they took the local patron god "Fazhugong" to board with them on their boats. In order to expel quotidian foul smells from the wasteland, settlers established a temple to worship Fazhugong near Yongchun, Baimiwan, Suao. Later, after hardworking development, a large area of plain was reclaimed near Tai Po, Sanhsing. As a result, nearly one hundred ancestors from Quanzhou were attracted to emigrate to Yilan. Inside Jinan Temple, there is a blue dyed cloth, which is written the names of twenty-six pioneering ancestors. The memorial was also retained, which has significant meaning of historical heritage. Jinan Temple also has an interesting story, which is about the lion statues on the both sides of the temple. Normally, a male lion would be placed on the left, and meanwhile a female one would be on the right. Somehow at Jinan Temple, the lions were arranged oppositely. Coincidentally, the shops in front of the temple are mostly run by hostesses, which is where the nickname of "wife-fearing street" is from. An interesting legend in Suao indeed!
In the past, to celebrate Chang Gong’s birthday (March 8 on lunar calendar), the temple would host grand events to celebrate, such as taking the statues of deities around the town to pray for peace in the area. It was also one of the important events in local Suao. In recent years, in order to connect with locals and restore folk culture, Jinan Temple began to organize "Road-Side Banquets", inviting musical groups to entertain as well. It is for sure a lively event!


No.13, Taiping 1st Ln., Su’ao Township, Yilan County, Su'ao Township, Yilan County Taiwán, R.O.C
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