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MR.Brown Coffee


MR.Brown Coffee

MR.Brown Coffee


No.44-5, Yushi Rd., Jiaoxi Township, Yilan County Taiwán, R.O.C
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  • Tina C

    Traveler type:



    1 2021-02

    真的是太誇張了!!! 其實一開始這家店的店員的態度就超級差 例如 我問芒果薑黃茶味道會不會重時 店員直接用一種非常諷刺的聲音說: “小姐~~~ 薑黃不是薑耶~~~“ 但我一開始都沒有想要計較 一直到他做錯飲料 並且繼續接下來一系列的誇張行為 詳情請看以下... 我點了一杯 “黑糖風味抹茶燕麥歐蕾” 點菜時, 我講成 “黑糖風味抹茶燕麥拿鐵” 店員做了一杯 “”咖啡拿鐵給我” 我回去跟店員說時 店員開始跟我辯論說 我最後兩個字說了拿鐵 所以他做了”咖啡”給我 因為拿鐵就是咖啡的意思 我直接當場對著這位店員說 你態度真的很差耶 並且跟他說明原因 結果這位店員竟然用一種 好啦 算我遇到奧客的態度說 “好了 那我幫你重做一杯” 我氣到直接跟他說 “我不是在計較重做一杯 我不要這一杯了” 店員後來竟然硬做了一杯 並且走到樓上我們的座位來 當著所有同行友人的面 繼續用一種奇怪的tone, 跟我說 “小姐~~~ 我幫你重做了一杯~~~” 並且他在我說不用飲料了之後 拒絕離開 我氣到在朋友面前失去理智 直接開罵 並且我要求他離開 我正在與客人聊天 他依然”拒絕離開” 最後朋友直接上去 試圖緩和氣氛 他竟然開始跟朋友講一堆 並且繼續”拒絕離開”!!! 在我不斷要求他離開不要再繼續騷擾我與我的同行者 他依然囂張的繼續拒絕離開 而且態度非常輕浮 最後我只能一直說請你離開這四個字 講到都有點哀求了 他才好像一副 “好吧 那我離開” 的態度離開我們桌 我希望大家都能認識宜蘭礁溪伯朗 這家認為自己品牌很大 囂張 騷擾客人 把一個人的週末 一個人的形象 毀滅的店~~~ 3/2 我接到宜蘭區主管的回電 講坦白話 我依然不覺得這家店有非常重視這件事 主管非常誠實的說 他對”對方”有一定的信任度 因為對方工作很多年了 還說他(主管) 已經在當天就先接到這位店員的電話 已經聽過”店員那邊的版本” 雖然也有說 他們會依照公司內部獎懲制度處理 但我覺得這聽起來完全是敷衍之詞 這家公司並不認為這是一件多大的事 儘管我一再強調我不是一個找麻煩的客人 我的點也不在要一杯新的飲料 而是”他拒絕離開” 並且拒絕停止騷擾我與我的客人 我甚至跟主管說了另一個例子 是我隔天去他們宜蘭葛瑪蘭分店 並沒有遇到一樣誇張的事情 在我看來 這位店員拒絕離開如此長的時間 是一件非常嚴重的事 在國外我甚至可以直接報警 (但我不熟台灣的法律) 可能是品牌太大 就算店員如此囂張 而且客人也打電話來詳述了發生了什麼 好像也不痛不癢的感覺 完全徹底的失望 希望不要有客人遇到跟我一樣的事情 Here is the English version in case anyone is visiting Yi Lan and need a coffee break. DO NOT come here!!! I basically met a staff here that was rude and harassing. (2/27) I went with a group of 6 people. This staff took our order in a rude manner and made my drink wrong (it was a very obvious mistake as he made “Latte” instead of “Brown Sugar Matcha Oat Milk Au Lait”. Even by the difference in character number can one know that the staff made an obvious mistake when taking the order, not have to say that he didn’t confirm the order at all at the end. When I found out the drink was mistaken, I went to the staff and asked for a remake. The staff started to debate with me in a rude manner. After I pointed out the “obvious difference in character numbers between the two drinks’ names”, he shouted out, “Fine! I’ll remake!” I told him that I don’t care about the remaking at this point and I don’t want the drink anymore. He, instead of trying to resolve the manner, came to our table and refused to leave unless I agree to take the “new drink”. Despite me asking him to leave at least three times, he refused to leave and keep harassing me and my friends. I finally had to yelled at him to leave and that’s when he finally left. At this point, all our vacation mood was destroyed, and I was very embarrassed in front of my friends after the “yelling”. 3/2 I contacted their customer service and described the event and received a call back from regional manager. All I get from the regional manager was that he has heard “the other side of the story” (from that rude staff and the staff has been with them for 7 years and is local store manager himself. I could easily feel that the regional manager trusted the staff’s side much more based on the “long history of trust” built by the length of working years this staff has worked here. In fact the regional manager said to me that he “tried to be fair”, but he does already have a “basic trust” on this staff. All the regional manager said was they will try to improve and penalize the staff “according to their internal system”. I honestly feel that they don’t really care about the “harassment toward customer” and how offended I felt. All I get after describing the incidence to customer service and regional manager was a simply: we will “try” to improve without thinking it is any important manner. I urge anyone NOT to come to this store anymore!!! Not just because of this individual staff, but by their reluctant attitude toward customers if any similar situations do happen in the future.
  • 619jeffry

    Essendon, Australia

    Take a look at the scenery with your coffee

    5 2020-08

    Mr Brown -- part of the King Car group -- introduced chilled coffee to Taiwan in 1982. The chilled coffee was an immediate hit. Now you can get Mr Brown Coffee at 7-Eleven and most convenience stores. This Mr Brown Coffee Shop is on top of a mountain. You can get a good view and good. coffee at the same place.
  • 619jeffry

    Essendon, Australia

    Traveler type:


    Castle and windmill on top of a hill

    5 2019-02

    I would not like to walk up this hill, but a car can manage it; the result is a beautiful sea view and some excellent coffee. The windmill is a striking structure and the castle's café is spread over several floors. The coffee is hand-made and the cakes are delicious and not expensive. We enjoyed our trip up the hill very much, just take your time and enjoy the view.
  • vickyng2810

    Singapore, Singapore

    Traveler type:


    Afternoon treat with a good ambience

    4 2018-12

    We travelled for about 20-30 minutes up the hill to get to this place, but definitely no regrets! The coffee place is housed in a castle, with a good view of the sea and beach below. We did enjoy the cakes, which we found to be better than the average coffee shop's. The drinks are just average - it is a chain after all - but the views make the trip worth it!
  • 412jamt

    Greater Perth, Australia

    Traveler type:

    Friends getaway

    Castle Cafe must visit

    5 2018-07

    Final stop in the northeast coast tour booked through kkday. Scenic views, make sure you find the pavered walk way behind the car park it will lead you to the mountain top for awesome pictures and a better view of the coast. Order the whiskey latte in the cafe 👌

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