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Wunuan Stone Bridge


The only surviving Jiaosi Stone Bridge is located at Wunuan, the ancient Kavalan tribal settlement. During the Ching Dynasty, this was the official road from Jiaosi to Yilan. Today, the bridge is not far from Sicheng Train Station of Jiaosi Township.

According to rumors, the water channel under the stone bridge was wide and deep. Boats can travel through the channel. The middle of the bridge protruded out of the surface and both sides of the bridge were tilted. The name of Wunuan Stone Bridge was derived from Wunuan Harbor. In those days, people could travel to the ocean on boat via the Sanjiujielian and Erlong River. To the northeastern tip of Wunuan Stone Bridege is Fude Temple that worships Fudechengshen Earth God. It was rumored that the temple was worshiped by the Wusha Family during the initial period when they were developing Lanyang. There is an old Banyan Tree beside the temple with large shade canopy. Occasionally, you can see villagers chatting leisurely under the tree. It is a beautiful country scene.


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